Subject: making good notes
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 13:19:03 +0200

it's just past noon here. i'm at bohuslav and jaroslava's house on a hill over a lake near some mountains just outside the town of cesky krumlov which is itself a unesco heritage listed site in south czech republic. bohuslav is a computer programmer so the set up in front of me is pretty impressive.

none of us have been to bed yet. we were up all night at a nearby pub, and considering how much czech plum whiskey the guys put away, i'm surprised anyone is mobile. they played blue-grass from 10pm straight through to sunrise, with a short break for fries and goulash, and really just couldnt bring themselves to quit. soon as the fiddler threw in the towel the double bass would start up and the mandolin and banjo and then everything would be happening again. a beautiful addiction. virginia girl goes to czech to hear her first live blue-grass. typical.

so thats whats going on out here. the photos are of the band and one of me at the computer and a couple from breakfast. i had bread and fruit and declined on the cream cheese and meat. everyone but me is smelling of garlic for some reason too.

how do you feel about attaching these in a conspicuous spot on the glee-site?

  Blue Grass band from Bohemia