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Saturday September 28, 2002   23:56:21
Mister Testor
I just wondered if this thing still even worked.

That's all.

Thursday August 30, 2001   02:51:46
Andrew Gilbert
Having spent 3 months recently near the border of South Australia and the Northern Territory I appreciate you Tiere Am Weg pic very much. Fantastic!

Saturday July 21, 2001   11:53:40
Cathy Bailey Edwards
Hello Cousin

Here I am a year later. I heard you are back in America. Why? Aled is a year older and cuter than ever. Say hello to whomever for me. How about new stuff on your site? What are you doing with yourself? Say hello to my longlost Uncle for me.

Love Cathy

Sunday June 24, 2001   23:30:55
i. rate
i shall now prove to you that it is bovine sssscatological matter, mr r.

Monday June 18, 2001   17:43:59
Satan P. Satan
there isn't enough evil.

Thursday July 27, 2000   19:26:58
Timothy M. Galle
Hi J.Rah. Thanks for putting my naked but on the web for my mom to see (href="aten'tilnine") I really like yur cite. There ain't no surf out here in California now it's summer. So I'm learning how to make a cool web page like urs.

Thursday July 27, 2000   11:58:25
Catherine Edwards
Very nice website, but when are we going to see pictures of Gillians Wales, New York and Va beach visit? Especially Aled Rhys Edwards?

Monday May 22, 2000   02:10:17
gillian lee

back in mito
my japanese is sheeto
but reunification is neato
and theres plenty of nice things to eato

Saturday February 12, 2000   21:40:30
that smackling crackling sound? that pooty polluty smokey
smell? that? oh thats the chinese new year dragon slinking
and clinking and clanging up and down the streets of sydney,
and the firecrackers that greet it. this is the year of the
dragon. the green in me wants to remind the multi-
culturally curious in me that tradition is no excuse for
farting on the environment.

Monday January 10, 2000   16:03:38
Kisstin da Fudd Der Ham
I sure wish my sister would come back to the states and live with me, even if it means the end of this stupendous website.

Sunday January 09, 2000   01:48:59
after some initial difficulties, j.r. has managed to get the 'gillian time' corner on my site working properly. so it is safe to look there now without fear of being mis-informed.

8 january 2000, sushibox, mid-city centre food court, 4pm.
i order a vegetarian nori-maki box from the girl behind the counter and she says "are you girrian?" the question causes my eyes to narrow and my mouth to do the 'john pezold slack-jaw thing' because her face is familiar enough to identify her as one of my hundreds of mito-nova students. maiuyki? maiyumi? she tells me her name which i almost immediately forget, and says she has been in sydney for about 3 months and likes it okay. it is nice to know that at least one of those travel-hungry people who were paying waaaay too much to learn english conversation, is going places.

and speaking of john pezold... where is he anyway? he did one of his typical phone calls out of the blue followed by disappearence. sent me an e-mail, left a message on my machine, nothing since.

Wed, 15 Dec 1999 16:30:41 EST
gillian durham
several of you have expressed an interest in what i'll be doing over the holidays (nevermind its the most frequently asked question in the world today, behind "can you spare some rice?"). so let me just flip through my calander real quick...

aaah yes. on christmas eve i'm, let's see...yes, i'm working from 4am to noon. christmas day? looks like work from 4am to noon. boxing day, much the same with 8 hours of work from 4am to noon. i'll have a day off on the 27th. i might perhaps go to the beach. as for the new year, well, i am in for a real treat because i will spending 16 hours straight (8pm to noon the following millenium) at - you guessed it - work.

by choice, man, by choice.

and if any of you think you can out-do me in the festivities deparment, fine. tell me your plans. i'm curious to know what you think is better than getting paid triple time.


Saturday December 4, 1999   14:05:17 EST
Gillian Lee
Subject: indian-(not so)pacific

>im glad to deduce that you werent killed in a train reck

im surprised to read that you heard about it. tv? bbc? npr? it wasnt that big of a deal - 7 were killed, 51 injured seriously, but just look at whats happening in eastern europe - but i suppose since this is the olympic city and safety on public transport will be of great concern to the global community...

i was probably spinning a big wheel when it happened. on the wheel there are pictures and each picture corresponds to a ratio. uluru (47:1), twelve apostles (23:1), great barrier reef (11:1), murray river (5:1), somethingiforgetwhat (3:1), sydney opera house (1:1). me and russell went to oz red cross to donate blood after work and it was packed to the gills and only then did we hear about the accident and the urgent request for donations of blood via the media. that is the second time i have gone and found huge crowds responding to an urgent plea. on this basis, i predict a major earthquake in new south wales in around 70 days from now.

Friday November 19, 1999   18:12:02
Paul Crockett
I once watched Charles Kuralt on CBS's Sunday Morning
speaking from in front of a tree in Alaska. Four feet of
snow on the ground. He spoke of beauty and things worth
seeing. The tree was covered, every branch weighted to a
bend by more bald eagles than one could count. It was
Mr. Kuralt's last road trip.

Surely, that memory now pales to what I have seen here, for
I have never imagined such a magnificent sight. Thank you
for the photo.

I counted 87 emu...

Tell Glee I said hello, and that I "miss" her.

Friday September 24, 1999   13:34:00
Chris Crumley
JR Harvey and I work closely on matters of art and photography. I know a little of art and photography and he knows worlds of computer. I go out an gather content, JR somehow molds into a coherent (well, most of the time coherent) assembly so others can get to it via the web.


So, anyway, JR sent me here and I've enjoyed mucking about the site and the outback countryside with you guys. Thanks for sharing.


Tuesday September 21, 1999   13:33:32 BST
Tim Rogg

To Gillian:

I enjoyed reading about your adventures (and misadventures) around Australia. Maybe you should write a book. You could call it “How to handle perverts” or something. Good luck with the jobs (including the East Timor disaster).


Monday September 20, 1999   01:37:34
this doesnt look very new to me.

Wednesday June 09, 1999   01:34:57
jonathan mcclelland
no comments

Monday June 07, 1999   13:28:10
Nick Fraser
If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about
cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the
time, for no good reason

Saturday 29 May 1999   02:45:31 PDT
gillian durham
prequels and sequels

hello readers

'the phantom menace' opens in sydney this thursday at 12:01am. i dont have tickets to the first screening, and couldnt go if i did, but im definitely going. ive heard various reports about expectations and let-downs and fulfillments and whatnot. i suppose anything following something exceptional is in a precarious position.

ive been busy with my own little part II here, and i assure you it IS far better than its predecessor. you may recall reading a few chapters of 'gillians encounters with the sexually deviant of japan', no? (i.e. the japanese truck driver who wanted to get 'cozy' with his unsuspecting american hitch-hiker and the charming gentleman who 'displayed' himself to me while i was jogging on the edge of mito city one sunny morning) well, for the sequel im changing the setting to my sydney suburb of maroubra, and giving it the title 'why rosa parks was right'...

4.40pm - get to the bus stop. ask a bloke sitting there what's the time. notice after a while that the same bloke has been 'scratching' his crotch rather vigorously for a bit too long. move far away from said bloke.

4.45pm - a bus arrives. walk towards bus. bloke follows. realize its not my bus and sit down. bloke follows.

4.50pm - the bus i need arrives. board bus and pay driver. turn to walk to a seat and see said bloke intentionally blocking the aisle with his multi-rolled body. push past and continue with great irritation to a seat, one from the back. open my 'black-jack gaming proceedures' handbook and begin to study. bloke, i notice, takes a seat towards the front.

probably 5.00pm or so - feel something tickling just below my tail bone. assume its a run forming in my rather old panty hose and ignore it.

within a minute - suddenly become aware that the tickling could not be a mere undergarment malfunction and turn around to find our bloke sitting behind me, crouched into the corner, staring intently out the window.

within 4 seconds - i rise, shout an obscenity at the bloke with great conviction, and make it to the front of the bus in 3 record-breaking strides, where i scare the driver out of his knee-high socks by proclaiming (to everyone) "that little prick in the back just stuck his finger in my crack!". proclamation has desired effect of turning all eyes from my furious-red face to the bloke's.

not long after - bus driver pulls over, doors open (cant hold passangers hostage, now can we?), and our bloke walks off and disappears down an alley.

next stop - bus driver clears the bus (i apologize aloud to bewildered passangers..."sorry everyone, but its in the name of justice!"). driver and i have a chat and calm eachother down.

later - police arrive. i miss 3 hours of dealer training in the process of giving my report to maroubra police detective, brook devine. am able to find the process all very interesting, even with entire self shaking from uncontrollable rage. the official charge is 'indecent assault and sexual harassment'. finally get to training and pass the test i hardly studied for with a 95%.

the wonderful epilogue to this story is that it afforded me the opportunity to do something most of you will never have, which is to be sitting in the back of a sydney police vehicle (being driven by two officers - kind folks, nice enough to give me a ride to training, but who dont read sydney intra-city traffic signs too well) when it chucks a u-turn in THE MIDDLE OF THE SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE. and for those of you who dont know the bridge, i have 5 words: EIGHT BUSY LANES, NO MEDIAN. now THATS a thrill to die for, my friends.

in case you are wondering, i am fine. still in the 'want to kill all men who so much as glance at me' phase i tend to go through whenever some idiot tries to steal my inherent trust in/compassion for people. still angry. still wanting to nab this dingle-berry (who ive actually already spotted again in my neighborhood, only i was on the bus and couldnt jump out and smash him) and let HIM have a turn with detective devine.

and still loving black-jack training. i spend hours standing around a table with a variety of cool folks, chatting and practicing cutting chips and cards and other tricks i would love to show off to you guys. it leaves me tired though, this 7pm to 3am stuff. that, combined with my work at amnesty, slurps my time right up. its a wonderful feeling after months of no responsibility and video rentals.

make sure you write a letter to your respective secretaries of foreign affairs, requesting that they back an initiative for a United Nations 5000-strong peace-keeping force in East Timor during the upcoming ballot for autonomy.

AND take care y'all. watch out for menaces (phantom or otherwise).

much love,

Saturday May 22, 1999   21:55:46
i am so very wicked.

i ride around the city on my bicycle without any helmet on. then a large group of police stroll by the internet cafe window and i snicker because i know they cant catch me when im in here.

thats how very wicked i am.

Saturday 24 Apr 1999   22:44:52 PDT
gillian durham

sunday afternoon...hello everyone and did you know today is anzac day?

i can always remember that 'a' is for australia and 'nz' is for new
zealand, but i had to ask the gentleman beside me at the parade
(barry) what the 'ac' represents. "auxiliary corps" it is. i knew it
had something to do with the military because anzac day is a national
holiday on which we are meant to recognize those who fought in various
wars. well i didnt recognize anyone during the course of the 4 hour
procession of mostly rather old people wearing uniforms and medals,
marching gingerly under various banners. but i yelled loudly for all
the war nurses who came past (and a few blokes with outstanding facial
hair, even though i'd intended to speculate and not participate at

but its difficult to know whether or not i should get caught up in
these things. i know to be suspicious of uniformity and wary of
supporting things i'm totally uninformed on. do i clap for the old
fellas with 10 pounds of decorations pinned to their chests? i dont
know what they did. i can guess they contributed to the death of
someone they didnt know. or maybe they got shot, but is taking a
bullet necessarily an act of valor? in chat to barry, we spoke of
camaraderie. for many of these men and women, war was an influential,
if not the most so, time of their lives (barry explained). war brings
people together in a unique way. people are suddenly 'there' for one
another - supportive - rallying for a cause. well i certainly didnt
experience this during the persian gulf war and i can guess why: war,
nowadays, is too 9-5. drop the bomb and get a little shut eye.
plus, i'm always on the winning side. i dont feel inclined to thank
anyone. i feel inclined to creep into the minds of our heads of state
and find out the REAL reason we're bombing the serbs or the middle
east or whoever.

two jets cut into the blue sky overhead as the air force divisions
marched past. modern warfare. a tribute to the power and creativity
of the human mind?

on a lighter note, the bagpipes were AB FAB. what IS it about all
that heavy plaid fabric blowing in the breeze, those high furry hats
and calf-sucking socks, that unmistakable drone - audible from miles
away? i dont know either, but it seems like one tradition the west
got right. barry reckons the scots were formidable fighters. "the
british had a bugger of a time with 'em! fought like bloody dogs, the
scots!" i could just imagine those band members coming at me with
some ridiculously huge sword in hand, teeth bared, kilts and
red hair flapping. talk about romanticizing war...but hey, any people
who can thrive in that weather deserves some respect.

so there. my first anzac day parade. all i can say is veterans are
people too. someone's grandpa, you know.

one of these days we humans are going to grow out of all this war
business. meanwhile, i hope you all use sunscreen as you do your
o-hana mi thing or your adios summer thing. i didnt today and i'm
burnt now.

kiss the person to your left.

gillian lee

Monday March 29, 1999   03:40:42
do you ever have days when you feel particularly

Wednesday March 24, 1999   20:44:32
Norman Vandervelde
You're the coolest

Tuesday March 16, 1999   02:14:17
as i was telling conor, a 15 yr old grabbed my hiney whilst
my sister and i returned to my house in maroubra junction
after an evening with the parental units in the city.

beware of the ides of march, indeed.

Sunday March 14, 1999   17:45:53
conor mcnamara jones
The library is no longer open at 8:00 so I can no longer do
any constructive study before class. Instead I come to a
different library and try to communicate with gillian for a
spell before I shuffle off with hords of students to learn
about fish. Hello gill.

Sunday March 14, 1999   17:35:04
conor mcnamara jones
no comments

Sunday March 14, 1999   13:40:03
Molly Hutton
When there was not yet a beginning of Non-being, there was an all-penetrating impalpable complexity, profoundly vast and all-extending. Nothing extended beyond it, yet even the minutest hair and sharpest point could not be within it. It was a space uncompassed by any wall, and it produced the basis of Being and Non-Being.
What's wrong with a little blankness my lovely lady?

Saturday March 13, 1999   05:09:05
Fletch F Fletch
I saw something about pro-life doctor murderer people on the tele at my parents hotel room in Sydney about an hour ago. These Army of God folks are pretty scarey, and then there were these others called Missionaries of something or other, and they were saying how they rejoice when they hear of the deaths of abortion doctors, cuz that means that babies won't be killed, and then my mom said that no Christian should ever be in favour of murder, so I said what about capital punishment, and she said "that's completely different. the bible says that's okay."

Thursday March 11, 1999   17:57:07
bob jones
no comments

Thursday March 04, 1999   01:27:26
Gillian 'my name is a bottomless pit' Lee

what, all of them?

all my life-long comments?

no, that wont do. i shall have to summarize.

whatever it is you think, i will probably contradict you
because somehow i've come to believe i am always correct.
should we happen to agree, i will attempt to give you more
information on the subject than you want because everything
in my head takes presidence over everything else ever
thought by everyone else, or so i kid myself.

lets have a cup of tea

Wednesday March 03, 1999   22:18:35
I accidentally squeeze your left breast.

Tuesday March 02, 1999   17:34:01
Susan Janel Carreira
no comments

Tuesday March 02, 1999   14:38:46
Molly Teresa Hutton
no comments

Tuesday March 02, 1999   07:38:02
Donyell Owens
Sorrow comes to all, perfect relief is not possible, except with time. You cannot now know thay you will ever be better and yet you are sure to.


Tuesday March 02, 1999   07:16:51
Elwood B Durham Jr.

Mon, 01 Mar 1999  16:38:47 PST

my parents typed this to me last week:

>Where you been?

i replied:

as of the start of 1999...

Mildura-> Sydney-> Canberra-> Eden-> Sale-> Melbourne-> Geelong->
Melbourne-> Geelong-> Apollo Bay-> Port Campbell-> Halls Gap (Grampians
Natl. Park)-> Adelaide-> PortAugusta-> Coober Pedy-> Yulara->
Uluru/Ayers Rock-> Kata Tjuta/The Olgas-> Yulara-> Kings Canyon-> Alice
Springs-> Crossed into the Tropic of Capricorn-> Devil's Marbles-> Daly
Waters-> Edith Falls(Katherine Natl. Park)-> Darwin-> Hays Creek-> Daly
Waters(this place definately worth a second visit)-> Mt. Isa->
Richmond-> Townsville-> Magnetic Island-> Airlie Beach-> Hardy Reef (as
in the GREAT Barrier Reef)-> Brisbane-> Sydney

now im not so hot with math but i suspect that little road trip covered
at least 14,000 km ('miles' readers are safer doing their own
conversion). and i even made it into town for the world notorious
Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras which i didnt attend because, among
other reasons, squishing in with the million+ people on oxford st might
have been a good time, but for the thousands of bodies which would be
causing friction on the very sunburned bits of my backside. the
spectacle of men dancing on floats, wearing dresses or microscopic pants
will be there next year. hopefully, the inflamation and flaking will

im sitting okay now though. i'd taken a cruise from airlie beach (small
tourist trap on the queensland coast) out to the reef - sparing no
expense as i was, by this time, traveling alone again, and being
summoned forth by fantasies of coral explorations and fish encounters -
and snorkelled with my hiney unprotected 'cept for my swimmers for 4
hours. dumb. got back and almost immediately boarded a greyhound for
bound for brisbane. also dumb. 17 hours later i was very happy to be
STANDING in 'a night in india' restaurant eating naan bread and catching
up with my former co-curry-conspirators. i'd like to publically thank
Conor Jones for giving me aloe.

for all the fun and worthwhileness of 5 months on the road, however,
there is at this moment little less desirable than the possiblility of
CRASHING on yet another friend's floor, or on some rickety bunk-bed on a
moist matress just above a french-canadian and his girlfriend, or on
another picnic table at an ant-infested rest stop. so i've done the
stupid thing and signed the remainder of my money away to chris, my new
roomate in maroubra (sydney eastern suburb), where i will pay $100/week
for a room with a bed in a house near the beach. no job yet, but at
least i'll be able to get my stuff out of storage, put it somewhere, and
stop this 5 months of the same t-shirts/undergarments business.

so now that i know waaaay more about australia than you i can recommend,
as a veritable expert, that you do this stuff:

-be at the 12 apostles on the great ocean road at a thinly clouded
-get under water SOMEWHERE on the great barrier reef.
-sleep on the warm, ant-free sand of mungo national park and see more of
the milky way than jean-luc picard ever did.
-go to daly waters pub.
-disregard warning signs and DO swim under the falls at katherine gorge
because i really dont think there are any crocodiles around there.
-avoid darwin in the wet season.
-go to coober pedy and find out why people live under ground there.
-find alf and chris in cooma and let them show you a good time involving
-take a bus down oxford st the morning AFTER mardis gras to see the men
in dresses staggaring out into the sunlight.

sister christin will join me in sydney this week for final 'mom
returning to oz' preparations. then the 4 durhams will proceed to do
family things, a luxury i've been denied for 2.6 years. as of easter i
will once again be kin-less on a far-away island so you must all send
snail-mail to my new address (which i've forgotten dagnabbit) and make
me feel at home.

love and renewed love
from freshly unfree

Wednesday February 24, 1999   22:53:50
Christin Hope Durham
I saw Fabio on Rosanne today. He is so icky. There is a very cute boy named Fabio in Melbourne who has a cool hoody with a Metallica backpatch. Everyone kept telling me that he's not a big hit with the ladies, and that I should go for it, but I didn't cuz he's just too cute, and I never see him anyways, cuz I'm in Geelong living with a fat, mean tattooed redneck who calls me dyke and hippie and femmo commie all the time...
Kids who kill throw up...