Golf Club News

With the hot weather still around competitor numbers continue to be low, but the competition continues to be hotly contested. Change in hit off times - Saturday 5pm 9 hole competition Sunday 7.30 am 18 hole competition.

Tuesday 26/1/99 Ambrose

1st J Dale, N Dale, R Hanley
2nd A Mabelson, P Lane, N James
3rd M Dale, B Staines

Saturday 30/1/99 9 Hole

1st Charlie Novosel 32
2nd John Reeves 33


1st Nicholas Dale 21
2nd Bev Staines 31.5
Sunday 31/1/99 18 Hole

1st John Henwood
2nd Don Nettle

1st Nicholas Dale 81
2nd Bev Staines 89

A Date to Remember -

19th February. "Night Golf"
Come and enjoy a good night out starting with a BBQ tea at approx 6.30pm, then golf after sunset. So grab some friends make a team or we can put you in one. Its great fun and remember bring a torch.
1999 Season Opening commences in seven weeks. So get out there and have some pre - season practice.
If you are interested in playing, new members are most welcome so come
along to the clubhouse. We are open Friday nights for drinks/tea etc. from 6pm, or Saturday and Sunday for comp. days. We experienced a rather odd sight on Saturday 30th, our own local DJ/teacher Mr Bob Pryce came out to play his regular game of night golf, though it has been a while since he has ventured out in the light of day. With a swing like that we know why, it would look more at home hitting a 6 into the horse yards at cricket. Needless to say Bob won the NaGa, much to the disgust of its regular recipient.
Don't forget "Night Golf" Friday 19th February. Come and Enjoy a great night out.

Marjie Dale

Police News


One male was reported re driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle, and another for driving while disqualified, an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.
One male and one female were arrested re consuming liquor in a dry area and non-payment of fines.


Police arrest of one male re assault of a woman who was conveyed to hospital for treatment.
Two males were fined for drinking in a dry area.
Reported two males re driving while disqualified, unregistered and uninsured: three males driving while disqualified and one defected vehicle: and one female driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.


Male assaulted by female and required hospital treatment.
One male reported re driving defected vehicle and another for driving de-
fected, unregistered and uninsured.
One female fined re consuming liquor in dry area.
One female charged re possession cannabis and equipment.


Police arrested one male re fighting and smashing cars.
A woman was assaulted by a male.


One male reported re driving unregistered and uninsured vehicle.
One male reported for driving while disqualified, unregistered and uninsured and arrested for non-payment of fines.


One female reported re driving unregistered and uninsured vehicle; and one male defected vehicle.


One male received Traffic Infringement Notice re having removed defect no-
One male assaulted by another male.
Speed detection on the Stuart Highway resulted in one male reported for speeding 134km in 110 zone.


Police attended a mining accident on Hans Peak where a woman fell 42 feet down a shaft receiving head injuries and two broken ankles. She was conveyed to hospital by ambulance.
Police arrested one female re walking in front of cars.


One male reported re towing an unregistered and uninsured caravan


One male reported re driving unregistered and uninsured
Police received report of property damage to vehicle at home address; also a report a break, enter and larceny in Van Brugge Street.

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